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Emily Murfitt - Graduate

London College of Fashion

BA (Hons) Fashion Photography

About me

Hi my name is Emily and love being active and constantly making. After finishing my degree in fashion photography I have constantly kept may self busy, I run a media platform called ‘NiiPPY’ with a university friend, It is an outlet that expresses views on current affairs and social issues whilst exploring trends in fashion, with emphasis on sustainability at all times including a podcast. I have also pursued solo creative endeavours including selling jewellery, which involved designing pieces, 3D printing them, and then marketing and distributing them efficiently. This enabled me to create a profit and helped fund my activites during university. I enjoy creating content for NiiPPY and my own personal social media accounts (@_niippy & @emilymurfitt) whilst achieving and upholding a desired aesthetic for both the pages. I am always wanting to do more and achieve more so I am always changing my self. I would describe my self as fun and enthusiastic person.



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