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Florence Broomfield

Central Saint Martins

BA (Hons) Performance: Design and Practice

About me

I am a director, writer and designer, working predominantly in film and video art, as well as live theatre performance.I tell stories through a visual language playing with our imagination and memories, touching on that childlike nature we all have within us. Themes of surrealism run throughout my work looking at ideas surrounding dream theory, the subconscious, childhood memories, and classic tales, myths and stories. I also explore elements of feminist and lesbian horror/ surrealism. Interpreting classic tropes through a queer female lens and using these tropes to discuss feminine horror. All with a strong importance on the design of the world that I am creating within my films and performances. Taking inspiration from early theatre sets and the occultist artists from the 70s and 80s, through set design I explore the artificiality of the medium of film and theatre. 


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