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Freya Everest - Graduate

Chelsea College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art

About me

I am drawn to the processes of printing and casting, where outcomes can only be anticipated, never certain; viewing the two as 2D and 3D versions of one another - both appreciating a beauty in discipline and repetition. I am interested in an emotional relationship between humans and objects, and a secondary relationship between ‘art objects’ and non-art objects. I attempt at exploring these relationships through installation and sculpture: building hybrid spaces in which the ‘art object’ and non-art object can co-exist; spaces exposing a boundary at which the physical manifestations of artistic imagination meet an empirical reality. I parallel my practise to a clunky Xerox machine printing creative thought processes instead of paper and documents - and my work as the documents that such a machine would manufacture. Documents that, when assembled and filed, collectively build worlds with a narrative and language misplaced from but placed in reality.



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