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Flora Miles - Graduate

Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Graphic Design

About me

Throughout my time at Camberwell I have developed a process and experimentation led practise. I like to think that my practise adapts to my current project, a fluidity surrounding my medium I feel is my strength as a designer. I am to never pin down my practise but to evolve as I work, with a keen interest in primary research I have taken a keep interest in the ‘personal’. Focusing on memory in my final year, how as a designer can I attempt to give a physicality to something so personal and visually non existent. Each project explores a different kind of recollection but all aim to represent these places and objects in a way that means they can be kept for the individuals as something physical even after the memory may fade. As a designer I have explored the ways in which ‘memory’ can be represented, a collection of works designed to manifest these memories in a physical form. Presenting the layers in a memory with a vast collection of elements to create the final ‘big picture’. My work aims to connect with viewers personally as well as attempting to give a physical form to an abstract concept. How can something that exists only in our minds be successfully recreated by design?



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