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I do define objective truth as the primitive state of the universal existence. The grotesque formation of the figures reveals the general fiendishness where the world has been made. Also, the repetitive concept of fiendishness indicates the repetitive tendency of mankind to condemn the posthumous life into torments where the communion with the outer world has been ceased. Intellectual narrations of these thoughts are found in the essays of G. Fletcher. He describes a horrific state, where heavenliness and serenity of paradise, observe from a safe distance the torments of hell and the miseries of its habitats (D. J. Enright, 1983). The term “safe distance” is rendered strong enough to indicate and determine the term of the “eternal ceased communion” within alive and dead or within blissed and condemned. The word “eternal” in terms of religion and theology seems to be horrific, as the human intellectual physiology perceives it as, something perpetual and unbearable. Probably my figures are aware of this state of mind and they transfer the pieces of information as they are “my double” as O. Rank developed this theory.


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