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George Edgell - Graduate

Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Painting

About me

George Edgell makes acrylic paintings on canvas and board that explore modern interactions with images and being a spectator in the post-digital generation. Acknowledging how today's visual encounters of the real world are delivered to us more often than not via technology’s mediation in pixels and rectangular windows; Edgell is interested in synthesising a crossover between old and new, analogue and digital modes of displaying a picture through painting’s mimicking and materialisation of the virtual space. Inspiration is drawn from a playful, personal reference in football iconography; repurposing the game’s classic visual signifiers - such as the geometries of touchline markings and stadium structure - for their formal licences as abstract devices in a painting. Edgell also considers the convenient connection the football environment brings to themes of rule-making and spectatorship, teasing the possibilities football might inform or make crossovers with the conditions of painting and the digital. These references are intended to act as visual vehicles for the artist, a ‘way in’ for deeper explorations into space, perspective and surveillance to unfold.



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