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Georgia Harris

Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Sculpture

About me

My artistic practice circulates around the relationships and interactions we have as humans with nature and the technology-driven activity of our species.Using a mixture of unrefined, organic materials, alongside, or within technology based elements to communicate this. Usually creating installations or sculptures that are not so much about the detailed making process of a singular piece, but more about interlinked multiple components that consider the ephemerality of the material itself, such as decomposing seaweed. The work begins to question the human-centralistic way of perceiving how we as humanity fit into the natural world. As an artist I am interested in dealing with new environments, future environments where we think deeper about plant intelligence and consciousness, or the relationships between everything natural. This challenges where we are left, after we start to pay more respects to intelligence in parts of our ecosystems we perhaps have disregarded in the past.


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