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George Janes - Graduate

London College of Communication

BA (Hons) Journalism

About me

I am an enthusiastic and passionate writer, with published articles on a range of subjects, including photography, travel, lifestyle, the arts and history. My written commissions include World Nomads, Artefact Magazine, Lobster Media, and the international charity All Hands and Hearts - Smart Response. For the latter, I worked remotely as part of an international and diverse marketing team on a variety of content releases. I was also employed as an in-house editor and copy writer. I project led the production of their 2018 annual report. I have published three articles through World Nomads, a world recognised travel insurance and marketing agency. I was commissioned for three articles on the subject of travel in Australia following my initial pitch of a single article exploring Australia’s East Coast. For this I worked remotely and within brief specifics. My most recent work was published through Artefact Magazine - a student magazine based within the University of The Arts, London. I worked both as an editor and writer for two editions of the magazine, contributing five articles released both online and within the print version of the magazine. Topics for these articles ranged from the next generation of space exploration, for which I secured an interview with a NASA astronaut, to Tibet and outsider art. Apart from writing, I enjoy hiking, photography and travelling as much as I can throughout Europe.



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