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Hannah Geikie-Cobb - Graduate

Chelsea College of Arts

BA (Hons) Interior and Spatial Design

About me

I am a person who feels most alive when i am surrounded by the energy of other people. I have always been interested by how people go about their daily life. Understanding how the spaces around us become crucial links within our society is something that has fuelled my work. My work is underpinned by context and the understanding of how people and place are intrinsically linked. My multi-disciplinary approach stems from a background in Fine Art, this allows me to explore my designs through a variety of experimental methods. I am specifically interested in the growth of our urban spaces and the evolution of the network that connects them. Therefore I am often questioning and investigating how we can dilute and break the tangible and intangible boundaries within our societies. I believe we should value the input and output of our everyday exchanges and facilitate spaces that celebrate these encounters. Therefore maintaining identity, diversity, security, and sense of place important. It would bring me no greater joy than to see people enjoying being part of a space that i have been involved in creating.


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