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Camberwell College of Arts

BA (Hons) Fine Art: Photography

About me

Currently based in South East London I am an artist working in overlapping areas of sculpture, textile and knitwear. Having started knitting at the age of eight, it was not until the final year on my BA at Camberwell College of Arts that I decided to bring this practice to my studio work. Working predominantly with knitting and hand weaving my work explores the complexities of human identity through web like structures and the gestural process of the production. As a female artist my installations also confront the inherently female history of weave through the symbolism of the spider as female. Working solely by hand has meant a lot of my works carry a largely autobiographical narrative as I take inspiration from personal memories, feelings and experiences. However, whilst my work remains personal to me the presentation of identity as a physical, tangible structure is a familiar theme that can be recognised and understood by many. As well as using wool as a tool for my weaving and knitting I also navigate the materiality of the wool through my practise, exploring the fibres, either natural or acrylic, the colour, and the ply of the wool, using these measures to solidify my narrative.



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