Based on Dazed Beauty's live brief, this fragrance commercial presents a possible future of fragrance where smell is synthesised from information. A creative future personalised for each person’s needs. A digital world where the line between raw and high end becomes irrelevant, feature exceeding form. This perfume is for Transhumans, Posthumans and Cyborgs. It is for those who want to design their own reality, their personal world of senses. For people who believe that technology can make us more humane and understand the intimacy of data.

Data - the perfume

A retro futuristic perfume ad that portrays a speculative future where information can be translated into scent.Directed, edited and produced by Georgia DunaAudio Artist: Jack O'ReillyAlbum: The Synth WarsText to speech: Peter via naturalreadersBlender Animator: Bogdan Ionescu3D Print: Bogdan Ionescu

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