Site specific Installation - glass, helmet, car clamp, sound track The idea of belonging sprung into many aspects around the idea of self, the most prominent for me remained with the notion of property and projections of value on physical objects with an inherent ideology. Subscription, membership to society, demands its constituents to adapt, and this process of adaptation is inherent to progress. Progressivism – the idea of progress Local communities of traders and residents are the most affected by the pace at which they are demanded to adapt by social and political changes. These affect members of those communities both physically and psychologically. Changes determine the access to new services by the residents, new opening hours, changes in services or an altogether extinction of local practices. This brings me to question, who is this progress for? What are we going to do with all this progress? I have been interested in Shanzhai products since childhood, from the pirating of information culture to the idea of fake reproductions of highly valued branded goods. Shanzhai stands for a Chinese style of innovation with a peasant-mind set. For those who cannot afford progress and therefore are left outside of the ideals of society, Shanzhai products grant access and membership to the "future". The concept of Shanzhai encapsulates many historical contexts, it originally referred to the accumulated wealth of regional warlords or bandits far away from official control. Rightly so it would become a kind of cryptographic currency of culture and language, as an effect of globalisation and capitalist notions of progress by consumerism influenced by the Global North. Asian traditions regard progress in a much more socially inclusive manner. As in nature, death is a necessary process for renewal and communities take on the rebuilding and passing on of traditional architectural building techniques by tearing down temples and other sites of public interest every so often. The Japanese Ise Grand shrine for example is torn down and rebuilt every 20 years. This ensures a dialogue between generations, it confirms a sense of identity, community and belonging amongst the members in society. The west however places value on things that stand the test of time, which usually holds histories of violence. The immortality of iconography and symbols, through iteration and permanence. The outdated power structures cripple new generations with a sense of fear and responsibility. These notions are embedded in the Judaeo-Christian culture and are challenged more and more everyday by the growing hybridity of the western population. It is this force of progress that seems like a destructive and meaningless power to somehow attempt to homogenise communities without an actual concern for the means of adaptation. The illusion of belonging and accessibility must come clean in the eyes of the deceived. Shanzhai does not only refer to goods, but to advertisement and propaganda and therefore mind control techniques to create windows of association to vague ideas of validity and value. This site specific installation illustrates the current state of things in Elephant and Castle, which is a dramatic example of the widening gaps around the city of London. Access Denied

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