Dental Illusion a topic in connection with human behavior, the mind and phobia were the initial inspiration start ups or this project. Mind illusion varies according to different people. Aspects of mind illusion create wonders and adventures within our heads in order to amuse our inner thoughts in delusion. Above mentioned categories as well as dental anatomy, human anatomy, human tongue and dental instruments were also terms of inspiration towards designing a new Spring/summer collection. Details and embellishments of the embroidered samples are inspired by the human jawbone, metal braces and tongue bacteria. Each sample is embellished into detail to bring out its best form, texture and to create delusional feelings within the mind and to the eye Copper nails, mesh and metal beading are used to bring out its edgy instrumental factor. Contrasting but yet vibrant colours blue, red, green, orange, yellow pink and black are used on faux leather, aertex and velvet. These textile samples demonstrates the illusion effect while light been reflected against it retina. It also brings out a creative aspect of mind illusion inspired by Bridget Riley’s optical illusion and the dental phobia



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