This is the first time I bring signal processing work which is more site specific. The work was installed to the side of the door so that when someone entered the room they would completely miss the work. It is meant to draw the viewer when they are leaving the exhibit. We as a group also decided to have alarm sounds as well as music that would disorient the audience. The moment we are about to leave the room, we see the image of a plate on a wall. We encounter the first iteration of the processing signals. A circle within a square boundary can be seen covering the edge of the signals. There is a collection of books to the side with a pair of headphones. We see an image of a man filling up a small tank with a little water that he fills from a 5 litre bottle of water and then he goes to the other side and drops ink into the tank. The audio we hear on the headphones is of a woman screaming and a couple of men brawling next to a bus. The fighting gets louder, we can hear them hitting a glass. The second monitor behind the chair shows us the processing signals that the images create of the event. The event takes place at Catherine Street and the details are self-evident on the audio.

Metallic Screen

Single-Channel video installation, audio, 5' 34", Continous loop

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