The work deals with measuring processing signals of fascist tendencies. It explores these tendencies with two videos. The first one is an iteration of signals that I processed through a video that I acquired by an Uber driver who wanted me to share it as an art work. The video is a visual interpretation of data which we have become so accustomed to look at during the Covid-19 lockdown. All the statistics that we are so used to now was still in the background a couple of months ago. We see an image of a man filling up a small tank with a little water that he fills from a 5 litre bottle of water and then he goes to the other side and drops ink into the tank. The audio we hear on the headphones is of a woman screaming and a couple of men brawling next to a bus. The fighting gets louder, we can hear them hitting a glass. The second monitor behind the chair shows us the processing signals that the images create of the event. The event takes place at Catherine Street and the details are self-evident on the audio.

Abuse and Violence 3

Single-Channel video installation, silent, 4' 11", Continous loop

Abuse and Violence 1

Abuse and Violence 2

Abuse and Violence 4

Single-Channel video installation, audio, 4' 11", Continous loop

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