Exploring different formats of surveillance in relation to artistic payment. Using performance to highlight the extent an artist has to go to be paid for their practice. Replicating CCTV monitors within the confinements of my workplace as well as social platforms like Zoom and Tik Tok as a display of where my practice has taken me through my paid hours in the pub to my paid hours in lockdown under furlough. Processing how m curiosity and boredom within these two aspects of my job have lead me towards looking deeper into these cameras and the relation I had to the unseen eye.

9 Screens 'Tik Tok' Part 4

Part Four of 9 Screens presented my infill of platforms whilst on furlough. This varied however Tik Tok soon became the platform that I engaged with the most mainly due to the upbeat and fun challenges and dances that were surfacing.

9 Screens Part 3 'Zoom'

Part Three was split into the different parts of my day from sleeping, to creatives, to health, to school and then to exercise. All presented on the Zoom video platform which was my most prominent video source during the lockdown.

9 Screens Part 2 'The Angel'

Part Two is from the month before and leading up to the lockdown. Using gestures and movements throughout the screens hoping to be watched and noticed.

9 Screens 'Process of Boredom" Part 1a & 1b

Part One focuses on the process of how I made my research. These pieces of research were escapes from boredom, filling in the long days of quarantine.

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