For this project, I wanted to focus on my skill in design. I designed tattoos for my character using Programs on my I pad. I did this as I have an interest in the art of tattooing and wanted to showcase my ability to design tattoos. I created a character that was inspired by the queer techno punk fetish scene, seen in night clubs in London such as Inferno. I wanted the character to be the embodiment of liberation, queerness and provocation. I therefore designed a character with heavy tattoos to represent liberation from the body. As for the hair, I designed a huge beehive/finger wave wig which payed homage to hairstyles found on the scene I was inspired by. Although this project could not be fully realised on my model due to Coronavirus I came up with creative alternatives to get round this problem, such as practising the makeup on myself my mother who was trapped in lockdown with me.

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