Morphogenesis of Emotions' is a hypothetical merge of emotional processes and their reactions in our body, with biological process of shape formation, known as Morphogenesis. The latter is used as a theoretical expression of emotions in physical shape, interpreted through the costume as the main tool. The garment and performance aimed to capture love in non-verbal, intentional traces based on externalized intimate emotions. Integration of motor sensors and projection mapping, as a support for interpretation of the concept, enhances the visual transformation and creation of the emotional shape in the costume, with intention of exploring future possibilities of manifesting organic functions in cooperation with technology as a powerful mechanism in interactive design and performance. This project was done in collaboration with Betty Zhang, MA Interaction Design student at London College of Communication. The collaboration was a result of Creative Dance Technology Lab workshop, by London College of Fashion technology lab, Arcade East and East London Dance.

Making of ExtimacyDress and Morphogenesis: Emotions

3 months of trying, testing, and experimenting!

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