For our academic and professional unit, we had four lecturers talk about their "design journey." For the unit's project, we had to design a publication, on or offline, about what we saw and understood. I chose to make an online publication named "path." The name came from the idea that we are the results of our life's experiences in general, not just our academic lives, and that's what I wanted to show in this project. Aesthetically the project had a surrealist touch due to the use of images, the bold colors, and the "funny" copy. I chose this approach because I defined my target audience as graduates or recent graduate students, so instead of approaching "career choices" theme with a serious tone, the publication would do it in a "fun" and light way, aiming to take some of the pressure of the moment. The colors and gradients were a tool to show how those paths are connected and "bleed" into each other. see more at my website!

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