Inspiration and Research - Shadows of an interconnected Journey


the research was made around the following topics The purpose of iconographic in Mochilas Changing traditional architecture with current technologies and tools:High Tech Architecture The use of unconventional and non-traditional materials in fashion Framing spaces around the body by intersecting materials

Mochilas Arhuacas ‘Woven Shoulder Bag’

I intend to represent my designer principles by appropriating symbols found in mochilas. The transformation of these patterns creates my design aesthetic and represent the journey travelled during my life.

Mochilas Arhuacas ‘Woven Shoulder Bag’

The ‘Mochila’ (woven shoulder bag made of cotton, wool or fique) is the most representative handicraft of Arhuacos; symbolises the creation of life and its surface patterns correspond to geometries that represents their cultural identity and reflects the way they think

British Museum Queen Elizabeth II Great Court

British Museum Great Court Roof: The design of the roof have the characteristic of fulfilling the architectural objective for which it was designed, but at the same time they are fabricated with non-conventional and traditional materials. Traditional roofs are built with mostly timber and concrete.

tubular steel columns centre Distribution Renault

The importance of high tech architecture in the project is focused on the characteristic of this movement of apply constructive concepts among different industries and to incorpore non-conventional materials in the construction of buildings.

Ithaca collection– Winde Rienstra

Winde Rienstra demonstrates her fascination for structure and space by creating spatial objects that surround human body.

Magma dress– Iris Van Herpen

I see Iris Van Herpen work as an example of incorporating technology in fashion not only by developing new techniques and materials, but also in the integration of traditional craftsmanship for the creation of artefacts.

11:11 Collection – Winde Rienstra

Winde Rienstra demonstrates her fascination for structure and space by creating spatial objects that surround human body.

Linear Construction No. 4- Naum Gabo

Naum Gabo is an excellent example of creating volumes through the interconnection of thin filaments. The volumes that he created captured the space and hold and empty surface. I consider Naum Gabo’s work extremely influential because of how the material is employed and the space is contained.

Triadic Ballet– Oskar Schlemmer

Oskar Schlemmmer, in the Design of the Bauhaus costume, focus his research and development in creating spaces around the person that limited the movement, additionally the creation of spaces around a person creates a sensation of isolation and loneliness expressed by self-identity and distance from others.

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