'Anxiety', is a condition that is detrimental to our wellbeing, for which nature has a cure. The harshness of an Ice Storm brings a calmness to the soul through the magnification of a single ice crystal. Mother Nature wills us to slow down and enjoy the beauty she has just created, and we are forced in wonderment, to see the beauty within the element of ice that covers every blade of grass.

'Crystal Bliss' Bag

Luxury creamy soft leather day bag featuring large marbled mushroom coloured fur pompoms, silk lined.

Ice Crystals - Grass

Ice Crystals

Amid the Ice Storms

Ice Crystals artwork

Playing with colour

'Crystal Bliss' Bag

Emerald Crystal, Deep Pink and Mushroom


Blades of grass in the Ice Storm artwork

'Crystal Bliss' Bag

Tassel play artwork

Shards of ice, thumbnails

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