This section showcases some of the hair work I have done for different projects. The picture in the thumbnail was made for my FMP but sadly due to corona I was unable to apply it to my performer. The wig foundation was made completely of HD lace which I knotted human hair into

Perfume project year 2

For this project I realised a character from the book Perfume the story of a Murderer. I made a bald cap and prosthesis

Hansel and Gretel year one

For this project I created a cage wig and nose prosthetics.

Handknotted moustache

This was a moustache I made from yak hair as part of a self directed project. Where by I made a music video

Hair loss affect

This picture is taken from a makeup test that I did where by I applied a Gauls cap to my mod,e and then applied patchiest of unman hair knotted into HD lace.

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