Rotis and Recollections

A still from my video 'Rotis and Recollections' (March 2020)

Conversations From Home

A still from my video 'Conversations From Home' (January 2020)

Otherly Presents: Cooking with Aunties in collaboration with WAH

Event Documentation from a collaborative cooking event hosted by Otherly collective in collaboration with WAH (December 2019)

Saris, Samosas and Stomach Ache

A close up from my painting 'Saris, Samosas and Stomach Ache' (November 2019)

Pass me the Pakoras

A still from my video 'Pass me the Pakoras' (May 2019)

Tadka Drawings

A series of drawings/ prints on paper 1/5 (May 2019)

Turmeric Interruption #1

A sculpture developed from my unofficially coined term 'Turmeric Interruption' (April 2019)

*Cries in Hindi*

Close up from my installation piece *cries in HAuto height, full widthindi* exhibited at an Open Studio in March 2019.

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