A research collaboration between a visionary: John Cage, and the pivotal historical fashion moment: World War ll. This project is originally derived from the idea of 'specifically useful function of helping men and women attain a more intense awareness of their own life' - John.C through operating the element of chance and naturalness. Introduces concepts of sustainability in fashion thinking into design development and the realisation of garments. – waste, repurposing, impact and how marketing and business models reflect chosen sustainable stance. Sustainable fabrication: to minimise the environmental impact, fabrics are dyed naturally using food waist such as blueberry, black tea.

John Cage X WW ll

Visionary: John Cage / Pivotal Fashion History Movement: WWll Navy Women

Navy Women

garment research from WW ll navy women

cage and the element of chance

the viewer's eye could move freely over such surfaces unconstructed by frames or boundaries - John.C

raw edges and inside-out

unexpected raw edge finishing derived from element of chance


natural food dyeing technique used to minimise the environmental impact.



garments can be worn in various different ways to create unintended look.

John Cage X WW ll

music: John.C random, unintended sound.

blazer spec

CAD drawing - Illustrator

shirt dress spec

CAD drawing - Illustrator

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