This project explores racial subjectivity beyond the representation of otherness through an interrogation of old narratives. The project ‘Ode to Home’ is a poetic statement on the exchange of culture between nations. The concept follows everyday Venda women and African informal market vendors, and the filtration of Western influences on their everyday aesthetic through deconstructed tailoring elements. In this nostalgic S/S21 collection, Malange looks back at her South African heritage and community, informed by modern and historical cultural practices, literature and African storytelling. Family is key and inspiration is drawn from portraits of Malange’s mother and sisters in Apartheid South Africa. ‘These are not well-known freedom fighters or political activists of the 1990’s, they fought from a different front line, they raised me informing me of significant history, and the development of my style and individuality’ says Malange.

SS21 Ode to Home by Malange

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