Create a unique accessory for ZARA Woman that encompasses sustainability. My product utilised reclaimed jellybeans and leather. The inspiration focused on the older quirky yet stylish older woman that embraces her childhood memories of Charlie Brown and the 'Peanuts Gang'.This design focuses on fun despite age. 'Moda Para Las Edades' or 'Fashion for the Ages' will be for a niche consumer base for ZARA that will also entice their existing consumer base. I was one of four shortlisted for a ZARA internship through Inditex.



Jellybean Handle and back view


Red duckbill latch


Jellybean Resin Handle


Join Life - 'Moda Para Las Edades'

'Fashion for the Ages'

'Peanuts Gang' Artwork

'Good Grief Charlie Brown'

Handle Inspiration

Range Line-up

Consumer Board

'Snoopy-on-Jellybeans' Illustration


Mini Mock-up

Paper Mock-up

Fabric Mock-up

Handle Prep

Bag Construction

Woodstock yellow velvet lining, resin jellybean base studs.

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