My whole practice evolves around ‘framing’ and re-framing in search of my ‘realms’ and ‘fragments’. In that sense, photographing becomes crucial to re-engage with my starting points, to observe the process, to deconstruct and to proceed.Every day, I sit on the same spot and paint for hours, ritualistically. Every other day, there occurred cascading mess and stains left off. I tried documenting every stain systematically but some of them are lost without even I recognised or some of them bothered me so much that I painted another white layer on it. But even when I was trying to photograph the meaningless stains, I was still trying to exclude some of the marks within the angle or trying the reduce. Even when I was not drawing or painting a frame, I was framing them, which was a really parallel way of looking at my practice as well: make marks, paint on if necessary, make marks, call it an end, document it.

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