The basis around protesting is to disrupt the  ow of society, which has been more difficult during COVID and cities and towns are barren. Calling people to act for social justice during a pandemic has lead to a lot of social media activism and educating for those who may otherwise turn a blind eye to the atrocities. Whilst re ecting on my privilege as a non black poc, I took it upon myself to use this advantage to lift black voices, and help them to protest against this systemic racism. I volunteered to be on the organising committee for a large protest on the 3rd June 2020, in Hyde Park, London. In doing this, I am helping in areas that would otherwise fall to Black communities to take up, and thus allowing them to be centred during this protest. This is an effective way to utilise my privilege. I also began making masks for those who were choosing to protest. Using my craft skills to make PPE during a pandemic meant that those who were higher risk, could join the revolution peacefully.

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