Riad Kala by Danya, is a joyful and free-spirited Womenswear Graduate Collection. Key influences for this collection stem from my visits to Morocco and India, which is where the word ‘Riad’ (a traditional Moroccan home) and ‘Kala’ (meaning Art in Hindi) came from - making ‘House of Art’. I study the Moroccan rug making process and traditional Indian embroidery techniques combined with my Fine Art background to create a vibrant and playful collection inspired by my experiences with talented female artisans.

The Women Behind Moroccan Rugs - Danya Vassanth | Fashion Graduate Film

Artisan Stories

Mood Boards

Draping and Fabric Boards

Print Development

Jumpsuit and Naturally Dyed Blouse Development

Embroidered Cape Development

Smocked Dress Development

Biya Dress Process

Range Plan

Line Up

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