Project ‘Arcade’ is a new public realm for Euston community, it was inspired by the design spirit of the electronic era in the 70s, a community forms that combine life, entertainment, and learning. It also serves as a transition intermediary for the economic transformation of local merchants during the construction of the HS2. By redefines the spirit of the traditional playground and local restaurants with interactive entertainment, which include amusement parks, Eco-friendly restaurant, orchard, etc. 'Candied Fruit House' includes a tea room, artisanal candy workshop and herbal dehydration room; 'Hot Air Balloon' serves as a fermentation factory to provide kimchi and beer for the exotic restaurants around Euston.


the effect at night of Fluorescent/ iridescent material, to improve Euston night view

Project Overall

Design pages

Candied fruit house & Project section

Poster for visitor

Operating like a city, there are special programs for daytime (tea room, orchard, sugar...), and special programs for night (liquor, bar, band...)

Candied Fruit House

Digital model (Whole Project, include site: Euston parcel deck)

Candied Fruit House

Central Avenue

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