Zeitgst was born out of seven people living in London who spent most of our time sitting around listening to music, watching memes on youtube, and roasting each other. We decided one day to make the most of our time and differing ethnic backgrounds, culture, and music tastes by embracing these differences and putting our heads together. We have pushed each other to enhance our existing skills and learn new skills while creatively expressing ourselves. 

What we've learned: it’s incredible the things we can do with an unhealthy amount of caffeine, a computer, and some good pals. With our combined skills and current studies at the London College of Communication, we will continue to embody the spirit of the time with our content. But we wanna bring others to the top with us. What better way to do that than supporting aspiring music artists to create with us all the way to the top? Zeitgst. Stay Tuned. 

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