My project Travels in Ephemera, deals with trying to create a reliable narrative for women though out history. This was the final outcome of my BA Dissertation. I explore how ephemera (the word for items not designed for permanence, eg. receipts, train tickets & labels) can be a useful vehicle for evidencing women's history. I display my essay in the same way ephemera is displayed in archives - brown boxes and folders. To analyse my text I use feminist theorists, like Helene Cixous or Virginia Woolf. I made a piece of ephemera relating to each of the women I discuss in my essay which are displayed alongside my book itself. In my dissertation I discuss Rabbit's Road Press in reference to creating your own ephemera through print making. I thought it was apt that I also printed at RRP. So, everything in my essay has been printed on the Risograph. As a woman making work about women, it was important to make my final outcome in a woman friendly space, RRP helped me do that and helped shape my work.

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