The Open Assembly challenges the current typology of public space and reinterprets the relationship between citizens and the city within an interior environment. It generates a new concept of urban farming within an existing structure that enforces a ‘system of support’ focused towards the more vulnerable in society. A programme led design set within the limits of an existing structure. The Open Assembly is set within the new regeneration site of Kings Cross, London.

Concept Illustration

Illustration communicating the need for a new community orientated programme within the site of Kings Cross

Grown up and Filtered Down

Section elevation communicating the relationships and interactions that occur from the produce cultivation on the roofs and how it filters down to the rest of the building. The journey binds the vertical narrative of the building together and establishes the relationship of the community involvement in the process.

Ownership - Design Development

The growing rooftops create a responsibility among the community, and in turn exposes them to an environment they maybe wouldn’t have been able to access within the city. The space becomes an inclusive learning environment and a tool for education. The biodiversity of the site changes as well as the biodiversity of the neighbourhood.

The Market Hall - Design Development

Moveable growing boxes allows the space to become flexible to the needs of the community. The space is open to shared activities with growing and maintenance drop in sessions and a twice weekly market and events programme.

The Welcome Hub - Design Development

The ground floor of The Open Assembly is a flexible social space that adapts to the needs of the community. With moveable furniture, the concept of ‘interpretation of use’ allows alternative formations within one space to develop

The Market Hall

Final visualisation of the space to communicate the collaborative and flexible nature of the interior.

The Solar Greenhouse

Final visualisation of the space

The Welcome Hub

Final visualisation of the space

The Hostel

Final visualisation of the space

The Kitchen Table

Final visualisation of the space

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