‘Rye Lane in Peckham is a special place full of food, wigs, rubbish and phones... The influx of young, often wealthy, often white newcomers is making the area trendy and expensive. How long this tender balance between old and new can last is a question on many lips’ (Wood, 2015). This project delves into a chosen area’s identity, particularly the culture and fashion, with the important question of whether or not a particular environment can have an effect on our identity. I have chosen Peckham as my focal area due to its rising popularity as well as the conflicting diverseness of this South London hub. If you walk down Peckham high street you are greeted with an excessive amount of food markets, clothing stores selling designer knock offs and pastry shops. However, with the outpour of fashion obsessed youngsters wearing Balenciaga and Raf Simons it’s clear to see the contrast of privilege against a working class minority. Is Peckham now considered ‘cool’ because of a younger generation determining that it is, has the area’s true identity been lost? Taking a light hearted approach to my experiments and outcomes, this project focuses on the customisation of clothing as a canvas with the embedment of humorous subliminal messages.

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