York Art Gallery invited CSM Ceramic Design Students to respond to Anthony Shaw's Exhibit 'A Sense of Home' in 2017/18. The York Oak Tree explores Myths and Reality and encourages the public to interact with Ceramics - to touch, rearrange and appreciate the materiality of clay. The York Oak Tree is a native of York with the YOWL - a local species inhabiting this fauna. The YOWL is particularly friendly to the York Art Gallery visitors inviting them into their Oak Tree Home. The York Oak Tree was exhibited at the Pangolin Gallery, London along with other selected works from the CoCA Exhibit


Sculptural Installation at CoCA York Art Gallery and Pangolin Gallery, London

York Oak Tree at CoCA York Art Gallery

Ceramic Installation inviting visitors to interact with the Sculpture 2017-18

York Oak Tree at CoCA York Art Gallery

Designs for York Oak Tree. Spot the YOWL 2017-18

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