“Bora” is Portuguese slang for ‘let’s go’! In a country like Portugal, with its climate, its culture and its laid back lifestyle, a lot of people own a bicycle. However, they’re mostly left at home, unused. Bora changes that. Bora’s bike scheme works sustainably by lessening the visual clutter of bike rentals, and avoiding unnecessary production as it’s all about borrowing people’s bicycles. A variety of bike types are available, depending on what the user is looking for, and bike owners and local businesses get to profit from this scheme. We’ve all been there - a tourist sticking out like a sore thumb. Bora makes it easy to immerse yourself into the Portuguese experience, and the process is painless as bikes are selected and unlocked using the app. Also, by hiring out their bikes, bike owners compile credit and discounts that can be used in local businesses such as restaurants, bars, museums and theatre.

App Screens

App - Choosing bike page

App - Unlocking bike through app page

App - Credit Scheme page

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