Venni is a series of photographs documenting the life of Vanessa Tsehaye, a 24-year-old Eritrean human rights activist. Vanessa is a leading voice for Eritrean human rights on the international stage and has proved highly effective in mobilising youth support for the cause through her organisation One Day Seyoum. Vanessa’s passion for human rights was inspired by the imprisonment of her uncle, photojournalist Seyoum Tsehaye, who was incarcerated indefinitely without a trial in 2001 for speaking out against the Eritrean dictatorship. His disappearance has left a hole in the tight-knit Tsehaye family, but One Day Seyoum has been a source of hope, not only for Seyoum’s release, but also the future of their beloved Eritrea. Despite the immense responsibility of her work, Vanessa is still your typical millennial, struggling to balance a hectic schedule with downtime with her friends and family. By presenting these different aspects of her life together, Venni strives to present the life of Vanessa Tsehaye in its rich fullness.

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