For Mainstage, I chose to rebrand Cross The Tracks, a London based Soul, Jazz & Funk Festival. At the core of the visual identity is a custom semi-modular, monospaced version of Akzidenz Grotesk Extended. Breaking up the rigidity of the grid the underlines all of the designs are flowing ribbons that weave in between the letter, acting as a metaphor for the relationship between the beat and rhythm of music. The colour choices were inspired by the primary colour pallet often seen within traditional Jazz poster.

Festival Flyer

The small scale of the festival meant the flyer design only had to be minimal with a small one day lineup.


The core components of the visual identity run through every part of the festivals design, including the ticket. Ribbons weave through out the logo, with shadow's creating depth.

Poster Mockup

The main poster for the festival was built on the same design principles as the rest of the festivals identity. With the foundation of the poster design being a grid structure that was then applied across many of the other items.


I wanted the festival to be instantly reconisable, this meant applying many of the same design elements that had been used across the rest of the visual identity, just in an interactive fashion.

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