The story of Frankenstein is based on a patriarchal society where my Victoria wants to speak out her sexual desires.


ictoria- she is the artist who makes sculptures and installations. She is an Egyptian Muslim artist who has decided to portray women desires. She is determine to make a place in the patriarchal society. Standing out and speaking out her mind with reference to free spirited thoughts. She goes to London for education where she finds her mentor for life. She gets inspiration for life and fight against the injustices. Even though she is fighting against the narrow thinking, she still wants to hold on to some traditions like wearing a hijab or a scarf.

The Mentor

Victoria meets another artist who is a professor and later becomes her mentor and a big inspiration. The mentor is a well-travelled woman who depicts her thoughts in not just her art but also in how she presents herself. She believes in gender equality and her profound love for herself drives her to stand against the orthodox ideas.


The monster is depicted in two stages. The stage one where the monster is a part of the people who have come to watch the exhibition by Victoria. She wears all nudes to provoke the crowd. The second stage of the monster is a building up all the installation structures in her body to give it a grotesque look of sexuality and feminity.


Elizabeth was the friend and partner of Victoria. Their relationship was outrageous to the society and the beautiful white gown she is in turned red with her blood and their separation caused our artist to create a monster.

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