First project as part of exploring the media and methods of Graphic communication design in this year's Unit 2. In Image, the brief was to represent a colour in black and white.

In the western culture, blue is associated with sadness, melancholy

and depression; hence the expression: «feeling blue». However, dark blue

communicates excellence and high performances. It’s coldness can also

suppress appetite

In China, it’s associated with ghosts, torment and death. In Turkey, it symbolizes mourning.

I wanted to combine the meanings different cultures associate to blue with my personal ex- perience of the colour. When I think about blue, I feel the cold and loneliness of the disorder I am battling with ; Anorexia Nervosa. This mental health issue results in pushing oneself to the extreme and towards unsustainable ideals. Denying life, slowly leaving behind identidy to return to the original form; skin and bones..

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