This project is my final thesis for the MA Footwear 2018-19 in London College of Fashion, University of Arts of London. The course leader of the program is Eelko Moorer and the teaching team consists of Georgina Goodman and Darren Murphy. The movement is the most crucial characteristic of this collection that has determined the final design and the aesthetics. The final line-up consists of six artifacts and each of them is designed so as to challenge one specific body posture and make the user to move in a certain way. The design inspiration derives from the historical context of architecture, religion and cultural symbolisms, especially from indian and chinese culture.

Eagle Headstand Position

Wood and Leather

Walking Sandals

Wood, Leather, Memory Foam

Yoga Props

Wood and Leather

Rocker Side to Side





Wood and Leather


The shoe design is derived from Indian culture and represents the eyes of our inner world. By rocking side to side, it helps empower balance and feet power.


The massager is designed to help you relax and empower your toes, by rocking gently back and forth.


The Meditator is designed so it can help you practice meditation postures, by sitting down. As ypu become one with the wooden artefact and you let your muscles relax, you get in touch with your inner self.

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