Mindfulness in Lockdown is a body of photographic work of documenting the everyday objects from around the house that create a sense of home. This project discusses lockdown, where the home becomes the main environment and the objects that reside in it become our connectivity. The still life photo book series focuses on themes of balance, comfort and function. Objects coming together yo serve an unexpected function. Photographs of improvisation, where objects are removed of their original context. Luring awareness our of the mind and into the moment through the act of balance.

Still Life - Balance

Whilst you are stacking you have to be present and you have to think of each object as a part of your emotion. Being carefully stacked on top of one another to achieve perfect harmony and balance.

Still Life - Comfort

Narrative such as the marshmallow conveys a sense of fragility and burden in an anxious period.

Chance encounter

The human like shadow of the Porcelain formation transcends into a new an unexpected way. Fragment of moments that will never occur again. 

Idiosyncratic habits and Function

Solving problems and fixing things by using materials that are at hand. Reconstructing to a new purpose of life and accepting the little actions of human interaction with material.

Idiosyncratic habits and Function

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