The concept of my work focuses on the planet Neptune, with a combination of influences from electronic composer Isao Tomita and NASA’s Voyager space mission in 1989. Originally composed by Gustav Holst, Tomita’s eerie and mysterious rendition of ‘Neptune the Mystic’ provides the direction for the contemporary performance design. Inspiration for the costume design itself comes from the first mission to the planet Neptune by Voyager 2, illustrating the discoveries made at the eighth planet through the costume’s textural and sculptural elements.

'Neptune the Mystic' Trailer

A short trailer showcasing the character Neptune from my Final Major Project based around 'The Planets.'

The Planets - Original Concept

From my Concept & Development unit, this is the first costume designs of all seven planets.

Neptune the Mystic

Illustration of my final design for Neptune.

Neptune the Mystic

Illustrating how my design shall be performed in.

Neptune the Mystic

UV Experiment

Exploring how my design shall be lit in the dark.

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