Researching local history and current politics, I became interested in the mechanics of modern property development, initiated through planning applications and promoted through tailored marketing to ensure its approval and positive reception. “Plot G” is a plot of land under a 9-storey car park: the 1st stage of The Brentford Project — a development project about to radically change the face of the local riverside and its aquatic ecosystems. It is also a place where matter has a voice and a story to tell. The film is an exploration of this development through the eyes of steel, concrete, water and mud at its very core. Inadvertently implicated in human-centric processes, they interact with and form part of the phenomena that extend far beyond their immediate location. Exposing these connections, Plot G encourages to find new, less human-centric and infinitely more exciting ways to experience our world.

Plot G

5m 20s

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