Exploring waterside near Watermans Park Marina, I came face to face with Wreck — a rusting vessel abandoned by its owners, evicted from the site. Written off by officials and forgotten by the human world, it nevertheless lives on. Wreck looks dead from the land. But approached from the water, you can see it breathing, while the wind in its metalwork, its rotting deck and rusting hull tell its story. Narrated by the iron ore, once extracted, cast into a form, and later discarded, Wreck’s is the story of eternal matter and its temporary form, a story of longing. Waiting to rust away and decompose, it is exposed to the elements and becomes a part of its environment and a home to other life forms. Wreck abandons the narrow human-centred view of matter, appreciated only for its form and function. It invites to explore a different kind of philosophy and seek alternative ways to relate to our world, the world of matter.


5m 5s

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