This project focus on the complex connection between individual and society. I was inspired by a bike, being locked with the fence beside the street without wheels and seats. Due to the distrust of people, I stay alarmed to strangers on the street then I found out this phenomenon happens everywhere in London.  The bike owners remove their wheels and seats to prevent crimes, the gap between people reminds me of two novels I read - L'Étranger and No Longer Human. Both of these books discussing the complex interaction of individual and society. When people find out they are incompatible and realise interacting with people is inevitable, they have been struggled by how to facing this stressful and suffocating world.  I dig deeper into the isolation and alienation in society. From the perspective of those seatless and wheelless bikes, they were isolated and abandon by the world. When their time is dead, the world works normally, the path and trace transform into steams. They are outsiders, being estranged from the reality

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