Collaborating with The British Museum and staged at Room 3, the conceptual exhibition, ‘Food as a Weapon: the Hunger for Power’, explores how food production and distribution are related to power, exploitation and control of natural resources. The main exhibit object, 'Wild West Weaving', indicates the issue of food control and the subsequent exploitation of people and land by using irony to reinterpret familiar objects and environments. Inspired by this concept, we proposed that visitors be immersed in a ‘Super Power Market,’ where they could choose products and collect receipts to better understand the mechanics of food control and its use as a political weapon. Credit to Chi Chung, Tarit Gautham, Wei Mao, Sophya Welle and Jennifer Yang

Visualisation of the exhibition

Spatial plan

Visualization of the exhibition

Visualization of the exhibition

Interface design

Product package design

Package design detail: Wild West Weaving

Package design detail: Play Nice Rice

Receipt and member card

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