Christmas is the busiest period of the year for shopping, especially at Oxford Street in London. In 2019, the flagship store of Tezenis wanted to increase footfall by creating an innovative window display. Inspired by the spirit of Tezenis: playful, trendy, colourful and inventive, instead of making a 'Silent Night', we propose a spin on the old classic and say 'Nobody Wants A Silent Night'. To enhance the underlying theme of music, we build our tone of voice and spatial plan on the musical term 'Crescendo', which means a gradual increase in loudness in a piece of music. The window displays on both sides create intrigue and encourage shoppers to move towards the centre. And then the main window draws potential customers into the shop. Credit to Rosalinn Løfling Krosshavn, Sushma Panambur and Yejing (Yetzi) Yin.

Visualisation of window display

Spatial plan

Detail of main window display

Detail of Oxford Street window display

Experiment: concept to visual

Experiment: backdrop

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