Plan Bee is a city branding proposal aiming to advocate the biodiversity in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. This area used to fill with flora and fauna, but now, only the sorrow of its history remains. To patch up the wounds with greenery and colour the faded garden city, we reintroduce traditional Bosnian industry, beekeeping, back to the metropolitan. The easy-assembled modular design not only creates additional space for city gardening but also provides pollinators with shelter and haven. We believe that bee plays a fundamental role in the ecological system. Cultivating beehives in an urban context will help cities develop economically and have a positive impact on engaging the local community. Credit to Jing Li, Chris Liu, Jennifer Yang and Ciel Zeng.

Modular design cube

Design details

Visualisation: Plan bee at school

Visualisation: Plan bee at public space

Visualisation: Plan bee at water space

Gardening plan for Sarajevo

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