Our understanding of the world relies a lot on dichotomies; we naturally judge, classify and discriminate. What stains, what is impure or corrupted causes visceral responses such as anxiety, fear, disgust and fascination. Strongly attached to this matter and involving both personal experiences as well as public issues, this body of work focuses on the notions of domesticity, intimacy, the body, and dirt being matter out of place, obsessively avoided or discarded. With her practice, Melanie responds to and challenges order, codes and presumptions, and invites the reader to embark on a poetic journey, shifting the balance between the controlled and the chaotic, the sterile and the viscous. This project is a collection of all the sculptural pieces made during Year 3, at Wimbledon College of Arts, UNiversity of the Arts, London.

Kink (2020)

Steel, molasses, fabric, epoxy resin, acrylic sheet.


Plaster, soil, Crassula Ovata.

Only Human, Still Animal (2020)

Soap, hair, clay.

Pandemus Aurum (2020)

Glass, paper, ink, spray glue.

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